You are passionate about making your amazing pickles that friends and family repeatedly ask for. You think this could be a fun business that you do from home in your free time and make a little extra money. You don’t know where to start so you are feeling very:


Your mustard is the hit of every party you attend. Everyone says that this is a great business idea to sell online and in local stores. You don’t know where to start and are whether is a good idea; you are feeling very:


Your coconut coffee beverage is so different and you know it could be the next big thing on every store shelf. Food safety, manufacturing, testing, claims and packaging research leave you feeling very:


You have always wanted to start something…
…your own thing

Are you considering an idea and not sure where to start?

Have you done some research and your feeling confused on next steps?

Have you started your business but come up against some unexpected roadblocks?

We Know Where To Start

My name is Sari Kimbell and I am a food business specialist.

My passion is helping people start and grow successful food businesses.

I have over 10 years of experience in the food industry helping people get food out of their kitchen and onto grocery shelves ecommerce.

The time is right for small producers. New markets pop up every day with customers looking for artisan, hand crafted and locally-sourced food and drinks.

85% of packaged food businesses fail after two years according to Nielsen Statistics. The reasons most cited are regulations, business costs and lack of food industry knowledge.

Through my work I’ve identified strategies that successful food businesses have in common.

The Food Business Startup Accelerator is a 6-week program created to streamline the startup process and create a roadmap for success.

Don’t be caught off guard down the road. I want you to be one of the 15% who succeeds. This program is specifically designed to help you have the knowledge you need to get started without all of the trial and error.

In this 6-minute video I give you a brief overview the Food Business Startup Accelerator program.


Imagine if you could achieve your food business dreams without the overwhelm, self-doubt and confusion. Watch now!

Brady Stewart, J. Brady Seasonings

“I started working with Sari this past fall and am so glad I did! I wish I had found her two years ago when I started my business. I know her program would have gotten my product to market much faster than I did on my own. Her industry knowledge, connections and understanding of what it takes to sell a product could have saved me eight months, easy.”

Are you ready to start?

Startup Accelerator

This Program is designed to help you:


Avoid endless hours researching food licensing requirements.


Stop wasting money on services you don’t need.


Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in startup costs.


Have the industry knowledge and business tools to set you up for success.


Identify what makes your product unique to stand out above your competition.


At the end of six weeks you will have a complete roadmap for success and be ready to launch your business.

Don’t start an expensive hobby. Start a successful food business!

Module 1 - Build a Business

Licenses, Compliance, Business Structures, Business Models

Module 2 - Brand Blueprint

Identify your uniqueness, identify your target customers, tell your story

Module 3 - Planning for Profit

Profitability Equations, Sales Channels, Reach Your Customers

Module 4 - Production Planning

Scale Up Smart, Labels & Packaging, Kitchen Requirements, Food Safety

Module 5 - Success Roadmap

Go To Market Plan, Financial Forecasting, Best Business Practices, Success & Failure Patterns


3 Live Q&A Calls, Peer Support Through Private Facebook Group and BONUS 2 private consultation calls!

Rachael Walker, Life’s A Buch

“This has been the most amazing support system with starting my new kombucha business! Sari has provided me with so many helpful tools that have helped my company idea grow into a real business! She has years of knowledge in the natural foods industry and is asset to the local community. This is the only way to go if are thinking of starting a food-business!”

Have the confidence to start your food business now! We take the trial and error out of the process and get you ready to launch a successful, profitable business in just six short weeks.

Results depend on your investment and commitment and marketplace timing.

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